Swarovski Rhinestone Edged Veil

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Reminiscent of the shimmering beauty of your engagement ring, our Swarovski Rhinestone Edged Veil glistens in moonlight and candlelight with genuine Swarovski crystals all along the edges. This gorgeous double-tiered bridal veil is the perfect finishing touch for your wedding day ensemble, framing you in crystals and rhinestones as luminous as a sky filled with stars. In radiant white, our Swarovski Rhinestone Edged Veil beautifully complements any wedding gown, from classic and traditional to edgy, contemporary styles.Crafted with careful attention to detail, our crystal-embellished wedding veil is one to build traditions upon. Well-made and worthy of becoming an heirloom, this veil will look just as lovely on your daughters´┐Żand granddaughters´┐Żas it does on you.Wearing your hair in a daring up-do on your big day? Complete your look by securing your hairstyle with our coordinating Hana Crystal Bridal Hair Sticks (sold separately).Size: 30′ x 36′ x 72

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