Satin Edge Veil with Pearls

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A stunning addition to your wedding day ensemble, our Satin Edge Veil with Pearls is a beautifully finished piece with exquisite detail. Our unique wedding veil is a vision in white with a ¼’ bias satin edge and sweet, pretty pearls, elegantly enhancing your gorgeous wedding day glow. Invoking romance and innocence, our pearl-trimmed wedding veil is perfect for your traditional gown�and contemporary styles, too.Our Satin Edge Veil with Pearls is carefully crafted and worthy of becoming a family heirloom. Honor a timeless tradition by passing this veil down to your sisters and cousins�and one day, to your daughters and granddaughters. You�ll look beautiful in this classic bridal veil. And so will they.Planning a sophisticated hairstyle for your big day? Secure an up-do with our Lily Pearl Hair Sticks (sold separately), which will reflect the beauty of our pearl-embellished veil.Size: 30′ x 36′ x 72

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