Luxurious Beaded Chapel Length Veil

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Our Luxurious Beaded Chapel Length Veil is the perfect accessory piece for your formal wedding, elegantly framing you in a decadent, shimmering glow. Embellished with beads and rhinestones, this bridal veil beautifully reflects candlelight and moonlight at a formal ceremony, completing your look with both old world charm and modern sophistication.Crafted with careful precision and meticulous attention to the tiniest of details, this gorgeous wedding veil is certainly worthy of starting a tradition�and becoming an heirloom. First, pass it down to your sisters and cousins, and then�to your daughters and granddaughters. We know they�ll look lovely someday in this timeless, classic bridal veil. And you will, too.For extra glamour on your big day, secure your hairstyle with our Celine Bridal Comb (sold separately), which boasts an intricate pattern of crystals that mirrors the exquisite design of our Luxurious Beaded Chapel Length Veil.Size: 90′ x 72

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